Support Our Adoption

While we are nearing the home stretch in the adoption timeline, we still have a long way to go to raise all the funds needed to get us to China and Yu Yu to his forever home.  We have been relying on God to provide from the very beginning of the process, and He has delivered every step of the way–sometimes in miraculous ways.  So if He puts it on your heart, any help would be greatly appreciated.

The options below are for your convenience, but know that PayPal takes a small cut of each donation as a processing fee.  If you want to make every penny count or if you’d just like to donate “old-school”, we’d be happy to give you our contact information.  Just send us an email.


Donation To Foster Organization

Donation we make to the foster care organization when we are in China to pick up Yu Yu
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China Travel Expenses

Estimated amount for airfare, hotel, and other travel expenses for our two week stay in China to finalize the adoption
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