Reference Letters

It’s amazing anyone actually manages to adopt. We have so much paper work I had to move my stuff from a folder to a 2 inch binder!

I did get my references requests sent out today and tomorrow we will head to the county clerk to get our passports.

It’s all hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait, but I know when we have him home it will all be worth it.

Anyway, a friend asked recently if we had thought about any names…I like Seth. what do you think.

I also managed to get our first fundraiser up and running. Click the link above to check it out and help us bring baby boy home.

Case Worker

What a day! Rob and I did Day 1 of our 1/2 Marathon training to raise fund for our boy. Professional forensic engineering services can be used to provide evidence in court cases. Also, we have been pre-approved with Gladney and assigned a case worker, Arpil. On the other hand, for business office work there’s this new online software that can centralize the work — a new fully functional online PDF solution called sodapdf.

Now come the fun part, filling out, notarizing and sending back the application!

Sharing the Good News!

So today was the big day. The first time we have ‘publicly’ announced we are planning to adopt.

It was also a big day for us as we had our China Orientation meeting with Gladney and will submit our application tomorrow.

To say I am overwhelmed would be a vast understatement. Today, 20 -24 months seems like an eternity and I just want our son home now.

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