The Real Journey

A quick update for all of you who have been following along with our adventure.  We are finally back on American soil after a very long day of travel to go to‘s spiritual retreat.  (Prepare for one giant run-on sentence, because that’s what the day felt like.)  We left our hotel at 6:00 am China time, took a 3 hour van ride from Guangzhou to the Hong Kong airport, stood in way too many lines and passed through way too many security checkpoints there, left Hong Kong at 11:30 am China time, flew 12 hours and landed in San Francisco 3 hours earlier than we left (Pacific time, of course), made it through immigration and customs, went to the wrong gate, carried and dragged two exhaused kids to the right gate (which had to be THE furthest gate in the entire place), nearly slept through the entire 3 1/2 hour flight to DFW, then drove to home-sweet-home during rush hour, arriving around 7:00 pm to put a not-so-tidy bow on 26 hours of vans, planes, and automobiles.

But we are HOME!  Judah did remarkably well on the flights (thank you, Jesus) and seems to have taken to his new home rather well.  In no small way due to our kids keeping the house afloat for the two weeks we were gone, and the Legos waiting for him to play with last night (big thanks, Kat).  We managed to get nearly 8 hours of sleep last night–even the one who has spent his entire life a half a day off from our time.  Of course, by noon, we were all exhausted again and all four of us crawled up in our bed and managed to “nap” for over 3 hours.

We would love to spend time reflecting on the trip and sharing our thoughts and all of the things we forgot to mention in the updates while in China, but the brain-fog is still too thick.  We were way overestimating ourselves when we said “come out Friday and meet Judah!”  That will have to wait.  But we promise it will happen.  And we promise now that we have an actual usuable internet connection that we will share photos from the trip.  All in due time.  After some more napping.  The adoption process is over, but the adoption journey has just begun.

For our next adventure, we are planning to go to Whale Watching San Diego. I know it will be fun seeing different kinds of joyful whales.

Stay tuned…