One Step Closer to Home


Hello Family & Friends,

We just got back from our Embassy Appointment.  Unfortunately, the government would not let us take a single picture of the oath or anything. So you will just have to take my word for it.  It was fairly painless compared to the other ‘red tape’ agencies, on the other hand we are also trying to find some home services that will take care of us since we have been feeling a little insecure lately, we had just hired Crockett Roofing Contractors to fix our roof because we found out that there was a huge hole in it that anybody could fit through there.
Here is our number one Resources – SecurityInfo about security.

Today we plan on a swim (which seems to tire the cheeky monkey out) and then take a walk down to the other park near our hotel. Hopefully we will find an affordable place to eat tonight. Although we have enjoyed our hotel and Goungzhou very much, there are not as many places to have a meal, Chinese or otherwise…except McDonalds. Bluuh!

As for yesterday, it was probably our first normal-ish day so far. We had to head to the Medical Exam place to have his TB test looked at and all was well. After that we went to the Shaiman Island for some shopping and eating at Lucy’s (a very common stop for anyone on the island).  It was a brief trip, but Jia Yu did well while we were shopping…no running off…and he ate his meal and only about 1/2 my fries. I unfortunately had some stomach trouble the night before after our stop at the Arabian resturant, so I was super happy to get a ginger ale and grilled cheese curds. Rob had his first cheese burger in China, Grace had cheese pizza, and Jia Yu had lamb, again.  It’s a good thing we didn’t try any of their Mexican dishes–we found out after the fact that they have not sat well with others who have tried them.

We came back and took the kids to the pool since it seemed to tire Jia Yu out the day before. We have really enjoyed the pool and whirlpool. After that was dinner and some time in the play park that is in our hotel. This was the first meal Jia Yu had (McNuggets) that he ate at the same pace as the rest of us and only begged a few fries off sister. We played catch where he caught on quick and he loved playing on the swings (although we could tell it was his first time because he had no clue how to do it and almost fell out the front and back a few times).

The best part was that we were there with about 25 other adoptive families there as well. We actually met a family from Texas (Decatur) who have adopted 3 children, they have 10 ranging from 31 – 2). Thier new boy, Ben, was just about the cutest thing you can imagine and ANYONE would have taken him home. He was just 2 and already could count to 44 and speak well in English. It was encouraging to see these families, many with children that just need a simple surgery to repair a cleft lip. All these families have shared about their amazing children and how well they are adapting to the change. It is amazing and such a blessing that God created these children to be so resilient. There are a few though that have shared the difficulties too, extreme mood swings, the silent tears, the children who don’t know how hold their parent because most likely they have not been held. We have seen the effects up close and we have seen in DAYS how these children respond to love and attention and it is amazing. These families are amazing and encourage us so much. At the same time it makes my heart break for that little boy in the institute that was so enamored with his picture, just waiting for a family. Here in China his life and oppurtunities are very limited, I pray he finds a family soon.

We also had the opportunity to Skype with Rob’s father and a woman he works with that teaches Chinese to Chinese children and their American families.  Jia Yu was very happy to have someone to speak with, even if only briefly.  And considering he was about to actually fall asleep on his own at 8:30, we were happy to get anything out of him.  And, while we seem to be wearing him out and he is sleeping well; we, on the other hand, have had to deal with his loud snoring every night.  There will definitely be a visit to the ENT when we get back.

Well, my sweet girl and cheecky monkey have been patiently waiting to have a swim before we head to the park, so I better go. We love you all!

Britt, please have some fruit for us at the house, bacon and oj. This kid is an eating machine! If anyone has Legos to spare…we sure could use some. Two more days until we fly home! Because we have something more important to do when we get home. We will pack things to donate for charities and call Pickup Please.

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  1. Your communications have been such a blessing to Dad and to me. The anticipation of meeting our new grandson is building with each day. God continue to bless you and may the flight home be uneventful and restful. Love you all, Granny Vickie

  2. I’m glad to hear everything is going so well. Maybe our pool will get some use this summer. lol
    I have some legos and Tracy was going to pick up some too. My mom also gave me about 15 matchbox cars for Judah. Praying for a good flight home. See ya soon! Love ya, Kathy

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