So today is our last day in China. It is bittersweet for several reasons. One, because we have made friends here and it has been such an encouragement and a blessing; two, because we are leaving this beautiful city and we have had only a small look into such a vast culture and amazing history, and lastly because we are leaving behind Jia Yu’s world.

Last night was very hard for him and he cried because he was homesick. He talked to us about his Chinese Mama and we were able to catch enough phrases to understand he was sharing his sadness with us. It is all so much for him to take in but in the middle of hitting himself, he allowed Rob and I both to hold him and love him. He finally crawled in my lap to eat some ‘comfort food’ – snacks from his home, and let me hold him for about an hour. This was a first because our little guy never sits still. Every fifteen minutes or so he would turn around and rub my face and kiss me. It was a hard night and all our hearts broke for our boy.

We did get to sleep in after a very busy day yesterday. After the consulate, then swimming, then the park, then swimming again…let me tell you a funny story about that. Jia Yu is a negotiator (even with a language barrier) and he LOVES the pool. Yesterday in the pool we were wrapping up and told him every few minutes when we would be leaving. At 2 minutes he was negotiating with Baba (Rob – 2 minutes Jia Yu, Jia Yu – 4 minutes Baba, Rob – 1 minute Jia Yu, Jia Yu – ok, ok 2 minutes) and so it goes, you get the picture and I was seated behind Baba holding up 2 fingers and Baba had 2 fiingers up and Jia Yu say’s “ok, Baba 2 minutes, and Mama 2 minutes” and he smashes is left 2 fingers into his right and say’s “Jia Yu, 4 minutes!” Cheeky Monkey!

Today has been easier but emotional. I have had the cries and he has been clingy (another first, no flight risk today) and has cried as well. We are all trying to just love him and be close by if he needs us. We spent some time at a famous house and then went to the Six Banyan Temple. It was beautiful and a good look into Buddist religion and architecture. A funny moment came after we were told not to photograph the monks, but we look up and one is on his cell phone. Hum!?

Jia Yu understands well that tomorrow we take a plane to Mae Gua (America). He is excited to see Daniel and “Grittney”.  But, I know that it will be more difficult as we approach leaving. Please pray for him, pray that we are discerning, gentle and loving. Pray all these families traveling have a smooth flight and arrive home safely.

We hope everyone can join us Friday to meet our boy. He loves cake so we will be sure to have that…and Chinese food too. We love you guys!

Oh, and one more thing – for those in our family and extended family who are particularly gassy – he has you beat, hands down! And one more, he has snored so loud that we all slept with ear plugs and it didn’t help!

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2 thoughts on “Bittersweet”

  1. Will be wonderful to have you all home safely. Give my love to Gracie and let her know how proud Granny Vickie is of her and the way she has comforted and been there for you all.

  2. I have followed you all this entire journey and I have been anxiously awaiting every post, every picture, every word. My heart breaks for this little boy and what is about to leave, but I am filled with joy for all of you as you enter this next chapter. I am so excited to meet this little guy. I know He has this. I know He has prepared everyone for this, it might just be a surprise in how He did. I admire you both more than you will ever know. And we love, love, love you always…and all ways.

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